Q&A with: Zah Clay

Q&A with: Zah Clay

What motivated you to start?

I started taking pottery lessons in Beirut in 2012, to balance my work in documentary filmmaking. I never expected that it would grow into the passion it is for me today.


Where do you find inspiration?

I am totally obsessed with Lebanese clay! The color and texture and history of the material inspires me, as do the artisans all around Lebanon who use it exclusively in their work. I believe that objects created in clay should tell the story of the land they come from, so using this material is in itself an inspiration to me.


What are some of your struggles in your line of work?

Working with Lebanese clay is very challenging – the clay quality varies a lot depending on the batch or on the area, so there is a lot of experimentation, a lot of loss and a lot of breakage… But it is totally worth it in the end!


Who are some of your favorite artists in Lebanon/Middle East?

Samir Muller, Dorothy Salhab Kazemi, Samar Mougharbel

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