Collection: PUZZLES

Pazel was born out of spontaneous life events by Camille Saade.
After years of working in the corporate world and feeling the need for some change, Camille accidently came across an executive program in Arts Management. Going by her instinct, she decided to enroll in this program and so pieces started falling into place in a harmonious way.
Her interest in art was growing and so museums and exhibitions became her go-to places, and dropping by their boutiques was just a natural thing to do to wrap up every visit. This is where she re-discovered her interest for puzzles, but not just any kind, Art puzzles!
Hence, Pazel was born as a modern refreshing puzzle brand featuring celebrated Middle Eastern artists.

With the aim of promoting art, Pazel chooses to be an edutainment jigsaw puzzle, trying to make art accessible to all while spreading its rewarding effects on the mind.