Collection: NOTEBOOKS

The Recycled Notebooks Collection is a series of eco-friendly notebooks made from 100% recycled Lebanese paper.

A showcase of Lebanese talent, BTDT (Been There Done That) is a creative and trendy brand built on principles of environmental awareness and responsibility. Their collection of paper products are designed for everyday use, and perfect to jot down the thoughts in your mind.

Naive by Emne
Naive is a vibrant art space that offers a unique shopping experience. From handmade home accessories to one-of-a-kind fashion and stationery, our small store section is filled with locally made products that are sure to inspire. With a focus on creativity and quality, the items in our store are the perfect way to bring a little bit of the Naive spirit into your own home. 

Sicou Prints:
Sicou is a sleep deprived mum of two, designer, illustrator, potter and printmaker, Coffee junkie, font nerd, Cookbook addict & kitchen enthusiast.
Sicou is spreading ideas, creating identities, drawing, carving, printing, pottering, cooking, eating, and sometimes sleeping.